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What to Watch and Read this Summer!

Written by Gautam & Krish

Summer is here and for some of us that means a well deserved few months off. No matter what you have planned for these lovely months, it's a great time to catch up on some great documentaries, movies and develop that reading habit you've been meaning to since January! We are psyched to share a comprehensive list of some of our favourites and you will surely find some great ones you haven't come across already.

The recommendations are in no particular order and we have included links to some sources. Of course, these links aren't exclusive and we encourage you to do your reading and watching wherever works best for you!

Bonus: we added a little emoji guide to help you find the best content to match your mood!

🥺 all the feels

🤗 motivating, we got this!

🤯 holy f#@*, mind = blown

🍿 tired after a long day, something light

😤 urgh! For when you just wanna rage

🧐 introspective and educational

Happy watching and reading!

Breaking boundaries

(Documentary; 1h14m; Stream on Netflix) 🤯🧐

A brilliantly presented new Netflix documentary narrated in part by good ol’ Sir David Attenborough, centred around the research of Swedish scientist Prof. Johan Rockström, whose research puts measurable figures on the tipping points and boundaries of the nine critical systems of our planet that allow us to live in civilisation as we know it. While some boundaries have long been passed, others soon will be if we continue on our current trajectory. It is a stark reminder of what we need to do to prevent escalation and maybe even reverse the damage that has been done. We all need reminders and motivators to steer us in the right direction and this documentary nails it!

The Game Changers

(Documentary; 1h52m; Stream on Netflix) 🤗🧐

But... where do you get your protein? The age old question. The Game Changers holds the answers to just that, and many more insights into how to unlock those SiCK GainZ (bro). Step into the shoes of pro athletes and legends of sport, and discover how they are able to break boundaries and achieve stronger and more consistent results on a plant based diet.

Free solo

(Movie; 1h37m; Stream on Disney+) 🤗🤯

Absolute legend rock climber Alex Hannold makes his attempt to climb the 900 metre vertical rock face of El Capitan… without ropes, harnesses or protective gear!! We were super lucky to catch this in the cinema because it was fascinating to watch for a couple of different reasons. Following his story and his determination is awe inspiring while the visuals and cinematography that take us to some US national parks are breathtaking. The craziness of his feat is anxiety inducing in the best way possible.


(Documentary; 1h30m; Stream on Netflix) 🥺🧐

Piracy, slavery, smuggling and the wild world of the high seas. This incredible documentary takes a look into the health of the oceans and the bizarre and outlandish policy choices of some of our favourite countries. You’ll need a box of tissues and a blanket. This one is a wild ride. I highly recommend it.

My Octopus Teacher

(Documentary; 1h30m; Stream on Netflix) 🥺🤯

I haven’t seen another documentary which taught me so many new things and just added new colours to my life, like this one has. It was truly truly remarkable. It just grabbed my attention, I was so invested in the story. Watch it now! I promise you won’t regret it.

One straw revolution

(Book by Masanobu Fukuoka; widely published) 🤯🧐

Do less to achieve more. All we need are open eyes, humble hearts and an upbeat spirit. Journey to Japan and step into the world of agriculture and witness how one man rewrites the manual on life. One of my favourite books. A simple, short read.


(Book by Henry David Thoreau; available legally for free) 🍿🤗

Refreshing! I find his ideas and suggestions as relevant now as they were 150 or so years ago, when Thoreau went into the woods to hunt down and tame the meaning of life. The work is a hybrid between a personal declaration of independence, a social experiment, the author’s journey of spiritual discovery, satire, and to an extent a handbook on self-reliance.

Our planet

(Documentary series; 50min episodes; Stream on Netflix) 🥺🤗

Want to fall in love with the natural world and the wonderful personalities who embody it? Sit back, relax, and soak it all in. Great visuals, superb music, it's an all round wholesome and heartwarming watch.

David Attenborough: A life on our planet

(Documentary; 1h23m; Stream on Netflix) 🧐🤯

Does this need any introduction at all? Watch our favourite wildlife presenter talk us through his journey and take us on a trip exploring the evolution of the planet over the course of his lengthy lifetime. An insightful and engaging watch.

How not to die

(Book by Dr Michael Greger MD; widely published) 🧐🤯

Dr Greger explores the 15 leading causes of premature disease-driven death. He uses strong peer-reviewed scientific evidence to back the one diet that can prevent and reverse all of these chronic conditions. The book is eye opening and shows us that we are not victims of hereditary conditions. The information is easy to follow, practical and actionable. I recommend this book to everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Finding Ultra

(Book by Rich Roll; widely published) 🤗🤯

The ultimate Fat to Fit Story. It’s not the usual boring “you can do it” motivational, but a visceral and intimate account of ones struggles and the willingness to overcome the challenges life throws at us, and a real test of the potential of the human body and spirit. His athletic accomplishments are simply inspiring. It reminds us of how forgiving and beautiful life can be, and it is all behind a thinly veiled curtain. Do you care (or dare) to take a peek?

Rich also has a podcast you can check out called quite simply: The Rich Roll Podcast.

Running for good

(Book by Fiona Oakes; widely published) 🍿🥺

(Documentary; 1h14m; Stream on Vimeo) 🤗🥺

Speaking of endurance and the human potential, no one champions it better than Fiona. A refreshing, sweet, uplifting story of a girl following her passion.

The book enables us to better understand the humble, humorous, heartwarming character that is Fiona and get familiar with her journey and the intricacies of her life.

The documentary on the other hand has wonderful visuals and is sure to motivate us through even the most down-in-the-dumps mood. I absolutely loved it.

Eating Animals

(Book by Jonathan Safran Foer; widely published) 🥺🧐

Have you ever noticed that humans cannot talk about their food choices without resorting to a narrative on the myths we use to delineate our identities? Well, Foer was penning a book elaborating (in stories) his lifelong internal debate whether or not to eat animals. A fast-paced (often infuriating), deeply personal yet strangely familiar exploration that presents grim facts in a very straightforward, almost clinical tone - mimicking the indifference and ignorance we often flee to when confronted with the atrocities happening in slaughterhouses and factory farms. Gripping.


(Movie; 2h1m; Stream on Netflix) 🥺😤

This fictional movie is best for someone who has an aversion to violence and is ready to get those tears rolling. Journey with a young girl to rescue her favourite fictional creature.

The Animal People

(Documentary; 1h37m; Stream on Vimeo) 🤯😤

Early internet activism, lab testing, and the story of how evil and ugliness plagues the Earth, but how truth and love always bounce back. This is a heavy one - not because it’s difficult to watch, but because it takes you through a whole roller coaster of emotions. Any activists here? This is what it’s going to take for us to get to where we want to be.


(Documentary; 1h30m; Stream on Netflix or on YouTube) 😤🧐

A classic. The biggest veganizer of all time (probably). We ourselves instantly turned vegan right after watching this. An incredible dive into animal agriculture, corporate conspiracy and how we affect the planet with our choices.

Test Subjects

(Mini-documentary; 17m; Stream for free) 🧐🥺

This mini-documentary shines a light on the pressure put on aspiring scientists to experiment on animals in order to earn their diplomas. A trio of former doctoral students recount the emotional and ethical struggles of dealing with the expectations of academia and show us a preview of a world not many of us ever get to see. Should we question what is acceptable? Or should we surrender to the status quo to achieve our own ends? Is animal testing in the best interests of science? At only 17mins long, you can surely make time for it.

Honourable mentions

Maximum tolerated dose. (Documentary; Stream on YouTube)

Blackfish (Documentary; Website)

Food, inc. (Documentary; Stream for free)

Forks over knives (Documentary; Stream for free)

What the Health (Documentary; Stream on Netflix)

The Humanure handbook (Book by Joseph Jenkins; widely published)

Humankind (Book by Rutger Bregman; widely published)

Dominion (Documentary; Stream on YouTube)

Ready to get watching (and reading)? Us too! Check out some of our other blogposts and give us a follow on Instagram for more content and updates on our events :)

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