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Before we proudly present our brand new website, a few words about the year 2020:

It's not a nouveau statement: this year has been anything but easy. Things have been and still are very different, the world is upside-down. As a very young and newly established student association, Covid has struck the Vegan Student Association (VSA) Rotterdam hard in its efforts to build up and foster a larger community off- and on-campus. But where there was darkness, we found light and made the best out of the situation, and I have to admit: we came out on the other side gleaming with fresh ideas and bright eyes. We started off small, a tiny group of enthusiastic students that were on to something bigger. In the past few months we have pulled all strings possible to get more organised, become an officially recognised student association, establish closer ties with the university and its students, and make this a smoothly running machine. The outcome so far? The aims we have set ourselves for the academic year 2020/2021 are within reach, our membership is growing, we are bursting with ideas for online events, workshops, lectures, and have an arsenal of inspiration for offline gatherings - when possible again - to bring veganism closer to people.

With the launch of our new website, we want to kick off a year full of inspiring encounters, engaging discussions, informative events, sublime food, and superb calls to action. We can't wait! We'll feed you with inspiring, insightful deep-dive blog posts researched by our members, brought to you in an easy, digestible manner. We'll update you on all events, gatherings and activism the VSA organises. You'll get insight into how to live more sustainably in 010 (Rotterdam) and beyond. This is supposed to be a place where likeminded souls can find connection, exchange and growth.


Without further ado, meet our 2020/21 team!

Our president, Giovana, is passionately leading the VSA through all rollercoasters we may encounter aided by her right hand Duda, VP and treasurer. The individual committees with its lovely, involved, and enthusiastic members are guided by David (Head of Activism), Luzie (Head of Marketing), Petra (Head of Events), and Mara (Head of Content).

All of our members are open to discussion, receptive to constructive criticism, or just up for a chat! Get in touch, get to know us, and join as we hope to make a change in Rotterdam and beyond.

Reach out to us via our e-mail, follow our Instagram, check our Facebook, add us on LinkedIn.

We, the Vegan Student Association Rotterdam, sincerely hope that you are, have been, and will be well. Be prepared - more is coming. Stay tuned!


Mara (Head of Content) on behalf of the VSA Rotterdam

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