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Petition to End Animal Testing at Erasmus University!

Sign our petition to end animal testing at Erasmus University now!

End Animal Testing Petition

As VSA Rotterdam we have created a petition demanding the ban of the thousands of animal experiments that are executed every year in the laboratories of the “Erasmus Centre for Animal Research”. Countless innocent animals are tortured and killed every year at our university in the name of science. In our petition text, we explain why experiments on animals are not only unethical and unnecessary, but also unscientific. Given that the Dutch government has already set itself the goal to make the Netherlands a country free of animal experiments by 2025, we need your signatures to support us in putting pressure on EUR to do its part in this process and stop their cruel animal experiments.

If it was you and not them you’d want someone to speak up for you, too.

Follow the link to make your voice heard.

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