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010 Spotlight: MainCookies

written by Ise

Chonky /ˈtʃȯŋki/ adjective: something that is just fucking massive. Synonyms: bulky, colossal, plump, thicc, voluptuous.

This is the adjective that perfectly describes MainCookies’ mighty, handmade, decadent vegan gourmet cookies. They are a combination of a unique dough base, an indulgent filling, delightful mix-ins, and wonderful toppings. Freshly baked and shipped every week, flavours like “The Big Fudge”, “Crème brûlee” and “The Baklava” satisfy cookie lovers all over the country. To spice it up, the flavours vary each week and different ones come and go! All in all… a must try for everyone with a sweet tooth!


Mishaela Main, “the gal behind MainCookies”, bakes all the sweet goods herself. From a young age she already started cooking for herself, experimenting with different ingredients. She went vegan at the age of 15, starting off with cooking for herself a lot, which eventually directed her towards the baking sphere: “Eventually I just found myself enjoying baking a lot more than cooking!”. Mishaela loves to make things from scratch, especially cookies.

As a busybody, with a love for creating and making things, she always knew that she wanted to start some kind of business and work for herself. When she visited her boyfriend in Miami, she discovered bakeries that made these “chonky” cookies. She had never seen anything like this in the Netherlands before. As a dessert lover, Mishaela wished there was a vegan option which sparked an idea within her: “What if I just do that?”, she asked her boyfriend. The answer was “Yeah, just do it!”, and guess what: So she did.

She had a vision of what she wanted, the only question now was how to get there. While still working a full-time job with 10 hour shifts in a cafe, she began experimenting with baking 4 times a week. About a year ago, she actually began working on it every day. It was a rocky beginning, baking at home and maintaining her long distance relationship through traveling to Miami At first, she was hesitant about how to manage her business properly. Mishaela decided to keep MainCookies small, with only orders per DM request on Instagram, no website. Over time, she sold more and more cookies, until Mishaela officially launched her website in December.


To this day, Mishaela still runs her bakery from home, where she lives with her mother and brothers. Things get exciting every Friday at 20.00, when the online shop gets a full restock with a new menu with cookie flavours. Ordering cookies is possible till Tuesday at 12.00. So, You may wonder why you can't order all week… Well, this is how Mishaela gets it all done. When orders close, she counts them all, and subsequently, draws up a grocery list. She starts preparing all her doughs and fillings on the same day, followed by two entire days of baking on Wednesday and Thursday. All cookies are packed and shipped out before Friday morning, in order to get all the orders to the customers in time, so that they can enjoy the cookies as fresh as possible!

To give herself a break in between baking, Mishaela experiments with new ideas on Sundays and Mondays. These experimental days are more relaxed and less hectic. Mishaela always wants to come up with more crazy stuff and loves to play around with different ideas and cookie flavours. She said "It’s definitely the best part of the job.".


MainCookies is big on taking care of our environment. Even as a small business, Mishaela feels responsible to reduce waste and contribute to ecological health. The cookies are packaged in naturally compostable bags and the box filling material is made from 100% plant based material and is biodegradable. Even her thank-you-notes are made from agricultural waste instead of wood pulp from trees, and are produced via a carbon neutral production process. Despite all the effort Mishaela has already put into making MainCookies as sustainable as possible, she is always looking out for improvements and more environmentally friendly alternatives.


As a true entrepreneur and diligent worker, Mishaela of course has many ideas for the future. Currently, she is already collaborating with restaurant Daantje food & drinks in Dordrecht, where they sell some of her cookies. Another collaboration in progress is with Matcha Mafia in Amsterdam, whom she is creating a custom cookie for! Mishaela loves the idea of developing custom cookies to create a vegan option for people in cafés.

Ultimately, her goal is to enlarge the availability of vegan options, to get more vegan products into non-vegan hands. With an online store she can create a big outreach, so that non-vegans try out the baked goods and discover that a vegan cookie can be as good (if not better, heheh) as a regular cookie! Mishaela’s vision about advertising veganism is to increase the availability of animal-free products, to attract both non-vegans and vegans, without forcefully shoving the word VEGAN in everyone’s face. People shouldn’t feel like the vegan option is something different at all! Not everyone might love veganism, but everyone loves cookies.

We asked Mishaela to summarize MainCookies, this was her answer:

  1. Mighty, handmade gourmet cookies

  2. Humble beginnings

  3. Vegan

  4. Sustainable

  5. Indulgent and delicious

I think we can all agree. However, in order to verify “indulgent and delicious”, you’d have to order and taste some of her mouth watering cookies yourself! Make sure to follow Mishaela on her Instagram, and take a peek at the cookies on her website!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed another one of our looks behind the scenes in our 010 Spotlight! Eager for more? We sure are! Stay tuned for more and make sure to stay up to date! If you haven’t yet, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter down below. In the meantime, whether you want to get to know your city better or are generally interested in what R’dam has on offer, ensure to also catch up on our posts about the Vegan Pizza Bar - where you get the ultimate pizza experience - and Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt - where local makers and DIY craft meet sustainability.

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